Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It has been quite a year since my last post to this blog. I have continued to work on the business, but have also had health challenges for about half the year. In January I had surgery to replace my right knee, then 9 weeks later I had surgery to replace my left knee. The replacements were necessary due to bad arthritis in both knees. The process was not fun, but now about 6 months out from the last surgery, I am greatly improved.
I won't post a photo of the knees here because I'm sure it would gross out some people.

In business news, we had a breakdown on the card which gave Dave the opportunity to improve the computer controls on the motor. I can now change the carding speed easily and have sped up the machine to card more wool per hour. Since I can walk well, more wool is being carded!

I recently decided to sell our Needle Felting Packs on Amazon. I don't have many wholesale customers for the needle felting and could use the increased revenue of retail sales. I have no idea how fast they will sell or even if they will, but it is a fun adventure. There are 12 multi-colored packs of 2 ounces each. Just go to Amazon.com and search Ferndale Fiber.

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