Thursday, August 11, 2011

Potluck Roving News!

Long time, no writing. I guess blogging is not my passion, lol. However I do have some news about Potluck Roving. We are introducing three new colors starting this month. Here are the photos:
The Black Crimson is a deep red with black mixed in and would make a great hat for wearing to WSU football games!

Jungle is a mix of forest green, emerald, tans and brown. I love this color!

Steel is a mix of white, grey and black. This color is similar to the “naturals” which we used to produce but had to stop due to lack of good USA grown natural colored wool. This color could be over dyed after spinning to produce heathery greyed colors.

We are still using the best USA grown soft (24 micron) wool for all our products.

Since these new colors are just coming out, your favorite retail store may not have them yet. I just sent out the announcement to them as well. If you want to order, be sure and contact your favorite store and let them know!

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