Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Animals over the years

Over the years we have had many wonderful animals live with us. We have been lucky in that most have been healthy and lived long happy lives. I thought I would share some photos. Some are older friends no longer with us, some are just older and still running around the farm.

Our first Great Pyrenees; Luke

One of many Cats: Leroy

Sheep in the Snow

Buddy the Sheep, eating show. Sheep love to eat snow.

One of our Pygmy goats: Max

Our second Great Pyrenees: Wilson, the day we brought him home.

Wilson's first snow.

Sleepy kitten: Jade

Lamb photos, lambs are just too cute.

Two of many chickens. The Bald Eagles kept taking the chickens so now they live in a nice roomy chicken coop with a house.

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  1. We take pictures of our animals as much as we did the kids too. Yours look so healthy and happy. Love it.